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BitMain Antminer S1

Setup Wifi on the Antminer S1!

BitMain Antminer S1 Wi-Fi

Hopefully we can get running without all those trailing cables.

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So I've read a lot around the net about people having difficulty getting their, miners running on wi-fi. Especially when connected to the Virgin media service. So as a result I've had a go at connecting mine upto the virgin media service with great success and hopefully we can get you up and running too!

The Wi-Fi unit on the Antminers don't seem to like the ip address format of "192.168.0.x". After numerous attempts to connect with both Static ip's and using the Dynamic / DHCP settings the Miner will connect. However, won't start hashing away.

The solution seems to be to setup the "Guest" Wi-Fi which allows the use of "192.168.1.x" ip range.

So Goto your web browser and enter the ip "" (without quotes) to access your virgin router administration page. Login then choose "Advanced Settings". Confirm when the prompt comes up.
Click onto "2.4GHz First Guest Network".

This will open up the setting page for the guest Wi-Fi network, ensure you click the check box at the top to "Enable the guest wireless network". Then proceed to fill out the settings on the page. I.E. entering a name ("SSID") and password, I used the encryption mode "WPA2-PSK - AES" and forced the antminers to use this information (I'll explain how to do that further down :).
Don't Forget to "Apply" the settings.

You should now have a wireless network available with a gateway ip of "" (Your router). But still be able to access your normal Wi-Fi as you always have done.

Next go to your Antminer (you'll still need to do this via the cabled method for this step).
After logging into your Antminer, goto Network and then Wi-Fi. When you select "Scan" your new guest wireless network should be visible! Join this Wireless network and enter your security passphrase you set up earlier, In the drop downs you will see "Protocol or security type" chose .....................................................

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